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Customer record keeping and QR codes

Your COVID-19 Safety Plan may require you to collect customer details for contact tracing. Contactless methods such as a QR code will help keep customers and staff safe.

WP Opera has provided Patrons Manager PWA (Progressive Web Application) Free of Charge for any business that needs to become Covid19 Compliant.

Why contact details need to be collected ?

The recent increase in cases of COVID-19 across the states of Victoria, Queensland, and NSW, highlights the importance of acting quickly and decisively to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission. When new cases are detected, contact tracing teams from the State Health Department rely upon the timely provision of accurate details of people who may have been in close contact with affected people.

If tracing teams cannot obtain reliable information on such contacts, the virus can continue to spread throughout the community.

It is important that businesses and their patrons co-operate with these contact tracing requirements to support the public health and economic well-being of the broader community during this pandemic.

Become Covid19 compliant now by filling your business details in the form below and following the instructions you will receive by email. 

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